To eat or not to eat!

Please join our debate! Read through the amazing persuasive articles Beech Class have written and add in your comments. How do you feel? Have they changed your mind or made reconsider your opinion? Debate for blog

Crazy cricket

Great preparation for the summer, a spot of cricket! A fantastic range of bowling, catching and batting skills being shown off, keep up the good work. A big thank you for all the helpers for last week’s trip to the park. It was amazing to see the children letting off steam after all their hard…

Helpful Year 6 ladies

This afternoon Sophia, Grace, Mathilda, Wilma and Eleanor helpfully offered to set up some P.E. games for Chestnut class. They did a great job of creating fun and colourful activities that were easy to follow but also developed the younger children’s co-ordination skills.  While the sun was out Mrs. Buckingham decided to give Beech a…

Year 6 SATs meeting

Please find the link to our Year 6 SATs meeting, held just before half term. There will (hopefully) be some Collins revise books arriving today that will be on display in Beech Class tomorrow, after school, if you would like to look at and possibly order. If there are any questions about the SATs  or anything…

Keen Mathematicians

A group of our Year 6’s get rather carried away with a question in maths today, they took it very literally and wanted to measure with metre sticks. There was lots of interesting discussion taking place including estimating and units of measure, well done for working so well together.

Fun Fraction Club!

Some of the Beech Class ladies have arranged for a Fraction Club, this is a great opportunity for them to show off what they know by teaching others.

While everyone else is singing…

Beech class have been playing a spot of Quidditch! Mrs Buckingham created a fantastic game for us to play on Tuesday afternoon, Matthew was sorry not be flying but lots of fun was still had by all!  

Living Rainforest

  We enjoyed a fascinating insight to the world of tropical rainforests. Surrounded by enormous plants with enormous and sometimes extraordinary leaves, we searched for exotic creatures amongst the undergrowth and in the leafy canopy. Some of the class were lucky enough (or patient enough) to spot the shy sloth, Cinnamon, hiding in the dark depths of the leaves above…

Welcome to Brazil

After studying maps, atlases, flights and much more Beech class worked together to create facts sheets about our new topic Brazil. Watch this space for the finished products!

Factor fun

We used our problem solving and group work skills to find factors. We had to think systematically and check our work to make sure we did not miss any. There was lots of good discussion about what we knew and what we needed to find out. Well done everyone.

People and places

During our People and Places topic we have looked at different parts of the world and why people might have to move to a new home. We started off looking at the different continents and oceans and then looked more closely at various countries. We discussed how war has changed the lives of people in Syria…

Fencing frenzy

This week Beech class had an exciting visit from some fencing coaches. Everyone learnt lots about how to allez and attack, we look forward to finding out morenext week.